Snap-Havas report says the next gen is not ‘trigger happy‘

Snap Inc. and Havas Media Network report looks at how brands can engage with young shoppers in a social commerce space

A report from Snap Inc and Havas Media Network, The Next Gen Social Commerce Playbook revealed that Next Gen, consisting of both Gen  Z and Millenials are not trigger happy while making purchases.

It said that 70 per cent of the Next Gen agreed that they are more likely to make a purchase from a Call-to-action button labelled ‘Learn more’ as opposed to a button labelled, ‘Buy Now‘.

The report surveyed 28, 500 13–34-year-olds across six countries: United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, India, Mexico and the United States.

The study was aimed at gaining insights that would help brands connect with Gen Z and Millennials in the social commerce space.

Social commerce, the term coined for shopping on social media platforms, has seen large growth with more with nearly half of social media users purchasing a product directly from a social media app or website in the past year.

Social media shopping in the UAE

In the UAE, 49 per cent of social media users were found to involve their friends in the process by sharing pictures and discussing potential product purchases while online shopping.

However, Users used social media more to discover new products/brands (54 per cent) and find product reviews and recommendations (50 per cent).

Among Gen Z and Millennials, clothing shopping emerges as the most popular type of online shopping.

93 per cent of social media users in the UAE revealed that they had made a clothing purchase via social media.

Shoppers (61 per cent) also used social media to share their opinions about products with others.

UAE clothing purchasers (78 per cent) noted the importance of virtual try-on features aided apparel shoppers in making a purchase decision.

Seema Patel, Global Managing Director, Mx Intelligence, Havas Media Network also shared, “Our research found that 64 per cent of Gen Z and Millennials have made a purchase through social media in the past year – these younger audiences embrace social commerce, and with this report we sought their input on how we can create a more meaningful and engaging social commerce journey.”

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