Saudi media company launches new podcast app

Credits: Supplied

Saudi-based media company Thmanyah has announced the launch of a new Arabic podcast app, Radio Thmanyah. 

The Radio Thmanyah application is dedicated to listening to Arabic and international podcast programmes. 

It will also allow creators to host their podcast show, promote it to their podcast listeners, and access monetisation opportunities.

The application also introduces profiles for creators and social interactions with the content. 

Through the app users will be able to import their podcast libraries from existing platforms or search the catalogue for international and regional podcasts.

The app will feature content from podcast shows like Funjan, Socrates, and Swalif Business, along with newsletters, and documentaries. 

The app will also allow creators to enroll in the Thmanyah Ad Network, a platform designed to help creators monetise their content. 

Abdulrahman Abu Malih, Founder and CEO of Thmanyah,said, “Over the past very few years we have created a library of premium Arabic content that has no rival online, and we want that growth to prosper together with content creators across the Arab world.

“Today, we are not just talking about our own transformation, but we are building tools that can fulfill this vision from our experiences and learnings across hosting, marketing and monetisation, so content creators can focus on elevating the quality of their production and sustain it.” 

The company recently also relaunched its website, Thamnyah.com, to create a platform for content creators to share their newsletters and articles.

Thmanyah, which translates to “eight” in Arabic,  was founded in 2016, and 51 per cent of its shares were acquired by the Saudi Research and Media Group (SRMG) in 2021.