Saudi German Hospitals Group rebrands to mark a new era in healthcare leadership

Saudi German Hospitals Group has announced their first rebrand in over 30 years. The strategic decision was led by President, Makarem Sobhi Batterjee in order to represent the group as a comprehensive healthcare network and to reflect the groups’ modern approach that focuses on all aspects of patient care.

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President, Makarem Batterjee said, “We are proud to announce our move to rebrand as Saudi German Health as we remain committed to leaving a positive impact on people’s health and to relieve their suffering. The move marks a milestone in our continuing journey to become the leading healthcare provider in the region while also living up to our promise of bringing the best medical care in the world to families and communities anywhere, anytime.”

The rebrand falls in line with the Group’s global expansion strategy and coincides with the opening of its new hospitals that are strategically spread out across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

A new experience

Saudi German Health (SGH)–previously known as Saudi German Hospitals Group, was launched in 1988 by the Batterjee family in Jeddah, KSA with a single hospital. Since then, the group has expanded to have the largest footprint of any private healthcare provider in the MENA region with several standalone clinics and 11 operational hospitals and many more under construction. The group currently operates in KSA, UAE, Egypt, Yemen and has projects under construction in Morocco and Pakistan. Saudi German Health have several healthcare business units that include; Saudi German Hospitals, Saudi German Clinics, and its Academy. The revamp supports this progress in infrastructure and introduces a brand architecture linking the parent brand and its different offerings.

A new design language

The group’s image has undergone a full refresh, including an updated brandmark and colour scheme. The new brandmark is highly visible and easy to discern from other healthcare providers in the region. The update pays homage to the original logo but develops the design language, modernising both the design and typography. The original opened-arm mark has evolved into a welcoming, heart shape which speaks strongly to the brand’s ethos of ‘Caring Like Family’.

“We treat every patient like family so that they are restored in body, mind and soul”

This slogan highlights the association between the hospital staff, the patient and their relatives, who together care for the patient as members of their own family.

The new logo is an embrace, it’s caring, empathetic, and trustworthy. It represents a common vision and tells a story of two halves; the legacy relationship between Saudi Arabia and German university hospitals; of healthcare and the community, and of the fundamental relationship between medical provider and the patient.

The color palette has evolved from the previous orange, red and green representing the connection between Saudi and Germany, to green and blue. The hospital group retained the green to visually represent its Saudi roots, while the new blue addition represents its global associations and position. The group stays true to its origins with its association with German university hospitals–which is still reflected in the name. However, the hospital group has since expanded its international associations beyond Germany.  Since 1988, the group’s International Visiting Professor Program (IVP) has brought renowned medical professors from Germany and has since expanded to bring world-class medical professionals to treat patients closer to home from all over the world. Additionally, the group has signed key strategic partnership with global healthcare groups such as Mayo Clinic, the number 1 ranked hospital in the US. The blue visual elements represent the globe and celebrate these new associations, they also represent more accurately the group’s global standards and approach, and its position as a global leader.

The new branding has adopted a monolithic architecture, with all entities coming under the Saudi German Health umbrella which provides many benefits to both the group and its patients–creating a common unity and instilling trust in a single entity and confidence in the various services offered.


The Group’s rebrand advances far beyond just a visual and name upgrade. It introduces new health solutions to ensure every patient gets not only the care they need but administered in a way that suits them. The group has been undergoing a thorough rejuvenation under the leadership of its President, Makarem Batterjee. Buildings and infrastructure have been undergoing heavy renovation to truly bring about a world-class modern experience to its patients and visitors. A digital transformation is also underway with a focus on creating a comprehensive and consistent experience across its entities in the region.  SGH is also putting a lot of resources and efforts on improving the overall patient experience, ensuring that patients feel reassured and at ease during their health journey. Many elements from the hospitality sector are also being introduced as the group recognizes that every patient should feel as comfortable as possible at their premises. Additionally, the group has expanded its services to offer very unique treatment and subspecialties that the region has been lacking.

In order to meet the needs of the community, Saudi German Health introduced VIP offerings across its hospitals through its VIP centres. It also introduced Beverly Clinic in Saudi Arabia, a speciality clinic offering VIP services and deploying the latest diagnostic technologies and equipment, in a stylish and sophisticated environment. Patients benefit from the latest diagnostic technologies and equipment–and an all-round enriched experience. Makarem Batterjee is laying the foundation to become the region’s leading healthcare provider.

“Saudi German Health has advanced to a business model that actively promotes patient wellness. We focus on providing the full spectrum of the experience and not just treating the illness, but covering- pre-sickness, during sickness, and post-recovery. We are focused on providing world-class care to our patients in a comfortable environment, close to home” The transformation supports the government mission– ‘Saudi Vision 2030’ which Makarem Batterjee has said is a top priority.

Makarem Batterjee employs an unwavering commitment to business growth for the healthcare group, Saudi German Health is on an upward trajectory. Under Batterjee’ s visionary leadership, SGH is truly undergoing a meaningful transformation that is set to make it a leading healthcare provider globally.