Saudi Arabia to set up marketing offices for tourist destinations

Red Sea Global, one of Saudi Arabia’s tourist destinations.

Saudi Arabia has announced that it will establish marketing offices for its tourist destinations.

The move is a part of the Kingdom’s efforts to attract more tourists and position the Kingdom as a major tourist destination at the national and global levels.

It was announced as part of a regulation created for the Saudi Tourism Authority, approved by the Kingdom’s council of ministers.

The regulation highlighted a total of 24 commitments for the Saudi Tourism Authority to carry out.

These include highlighting the country as a tourist destination globally and locally and to attract visitors to it.

The most significant one is to work with government agencies related to tourism to establish marketing offices for the tourist destinations.

It will also include supervising marketing plans of the tourist offices, setting visit targets, and spending to enhance the role of the private sector.

The regulation also visualises the marketing and development of the destinations and the development in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism.

These will also extend to activities and events held by government agencies and the private sector, and marketing them as well.

The Cabinet approved the organisation of the Saudi Tourism Authority to achieve the tourism sector’s goals aligning with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Minister of Tourism and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Tourism Authority Ahmed Al-Khateeb said, “The Council of Ministers’ approval of the rules related to the authority’s organisation confirms the government’s continued support for the tourism sector so as to achieve the sector’s goals, aligned with the Vision 2030.

The remaining commitments list the complete duties of the Saudi Tourism Authority, related to marketing and advertising of the country.