Sasan Saeidi appointed as IAA world president and chairman

Sasan Saedi IAA World PResident and Chairman

Sasan Saeidi has been announced as the International Advertising Association’s (IAA) new world president and chairman. Taking over the reins from the preceding president Joel Netty, Saeidi will hold the position for a two-year term from 2022 to 2024. At the end of the term, Fredrik Borestrom, IAA’s new SVP, will take over the role.

Saeidi was recently appointed as the CEO of Wunderman Thompso’s New York office.  

Saeidi’s appointment to the role was decided by IAA’s global board members that make up their global-wide board across the globe. In the new role, Saeidi will be responsible for setting the vision of the IAA along with the executive committee. His role also includes implementing strategic imperative and ensuring the brand remains relevant and active on the world stage and involved in critical topics about the advertising industry. Saeidi will also be tasked with ensuring the global chapters from the U.S. to Australia remain involved and active.

On his appointment, Sasan Saeidi, said, “Being part of the IAA is a privilege and honor. The responsibility to be at the helm of the oldest advertising industry body in the world is truly remarkable and humbling. With the support of this great international board; I want to ensure the coming years become defining for our brand and the only way we can do this is through a collaboration culture, clarity of purpose and a simple commitment towards growth, with clear accountability towards industry topics that need IAA to lean in and contribute towards.”

“The IAA, will continue to play an active role to do good and remain as a concerned citizen, to make the world a better place. One act and initiative at a time. I want to thank Joel Netty for his inspiring leadership during the past two years; for his undying friendship. He is my brother for life and I wish Joel the very best in his future endeavors; I know this is just the start for him and I will always be cheering him on”.

Netty, said, ”It’s been the privilege of a lifetime being the first African to serve as world president and chairman of the IAA these last 2 years.  Taking over just as the Covid-19 pandemic changed the parameters of engagement the world over, came with its own challenges. I’m glad, however, that with the commitment of our Leadership Team, Global Office Staff, Advocacy Councils, Executive Directors and members across the globe we managed to pivot to largely virtual engagements delivered in compelling ways that helped to ensure our strategic imperatives  were enhanced, buttressing the expression ’it takes a village’. Sasan, having played a key role himself these last two years is in prime position to take our vision forward and I have no doubt that he will build on the legacy of generations of volunteers in this 84 year old organization … the only one of its kind across the globe. I wish Sas, Fred and the new team the very best as they work to entrench our positioning as “the global compass of marketing communications.”