RTA partners with Nokia for Dubai road safety campaign

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority has partnered with mobile phone giant, Nokia on a new media campaign aimed at targeting drivers who use mobile phones while driving. The 12-month campaign is expected to roll out before the middle of August and will initially only target print, with radio a possibility further down the line.

The creative for the campaign was produced by Ikon and the tagline is: ‘Drive Safe. Talk Handsfree’. The campaign highlights the dangers of using a mobile to make calls when at the wheel. Currently, offenders caught driving while using mobiles face a Dhs200 fine and four ‘black’ points on their driving licences. Speaking of the need for the city’s drivers to take road safety more seriously, Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA Licencing Agency, said: “Not using a hands-free mobile phone kit while driving is dangerous. Road safety is everyone’s business and I encourage other community-minded organisations to actively participate in road safety initiatives that better safeguard our community.”

The RTA was formed in 2005 by Emirati decree number 17 and is responsible for RTA is responsible for planning and providing the requirements of transport, roads and traffic in the emirate of Dubai, and between Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE.