Royal Commission for AlUla expands gaming experience to conserve wildlife

Quest for Hope launches on Roblox and Decentraland

The Royal Commission for AlUla has expanded its gaming initiative with a new experience centred on the conservation of the Arabian Leopard.

The ‘Quest for Hope’ game will also be live on the Roblox and Decentraland platforms. Players will be able to join a quest to find Arabian Leopards and reintroduce them to the wild.

The initiative shows its commitment to the conservation of the Arabian Leopard, a species that the International Union for Conservation of Nature ranks as endangered in the wild.

The new challenge adds another layer to RCU’s digital presence. Launched on the Metaverse in November 2022, it has enabled virtual visitors to tour the interior of the monumental Tomb of Lihyan, Son of Kuza at Hegra, which UNESCO inscribed as KSA’s first World Heritage Site.

Since its launch, the Metaverse site has also added features such as a hot air ballooning experience and a Saudi Tour cycling experience.