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NBA: ‘Nets for change’

Recycling fishing nets into basketball nets creates hope for young females


The NBA has introduced a new drive titled ‘Nets for Change’, created with agencies Leo Burnett Dubai and Publicis Groupe ME.

The initiative started recycling discarded fishing nets to create basketball nets across India, making dreams possible for aspiring young girls.

Abandoned fishing nets make up 80 per cent of marine debris in India, destroying marine life and their natural habitat. 

While, there are many abandoned basketball nets and courts across India many talents are unseen. 

To launch ‘Nets for Change’ a film titled JUMP tells the story of a young girl, Ananya.

In spoken word poetry, she tells her journey of leaping out of her existential reality to her deserving reality,  giving her a chance to leap out from being abandoned and neglected to being meaningful. 

We follow her learning to play basketball to striving in her pursuit to eventually competing with other young teenage girls like her. 

An original soundtrack titled ‘Udh Le’ (Go Fly in Hindi) was composed specifically for this film.

This dual-impact initiative aims to restore India’s seas and marine habitats, one neglected net at a time, and it also enables young female talents, one neglected hoop at a time.


Brand: NBA India and NBA
Head – Marketing, Content & Communications: Murtuza Madraswala
Senior Manager – Brand & Digital Marketing: Rahul Palan

Creative Agency: Leo Burnett Dubai and Publicis Groupe MENAT
Chief Executive Officer – Publicis Groupe: Bassel Kakish
Chief Creative Officer: Kalpesh Patankar
Chief Strategy Officer – Publicis Groupe: Tahaab Rais
Senior Creative Director: Divyan Kriplani
Head of Production: Shereen Mostafa
Senior Producer: Upasana Kumar Arora
Chief Executive Officer: Nathalie Gevresse
Business Lead: Vicky Kriplani
Head of Strategy & Insights: Aakriti Goel
Manager – Strategy & Insights: Ana Julia De Oliviera

Production Company: LIWA Content.Driven 
Founder and Executive Producer: Sagar Rege
Film Director: Tahaab Rais
Writer and Script: Tahaab Rais
Cinematographer: Satchith Paulose
Senior Producer: Shweta Sandeep
Post Production: Islam Muhamed
Sports Choreographer: Dhruv Panjuani
Underwater cinematographer: Sumer Varma
Diver and dive team lead: Dev Saighal

Line Production: Jumping Jack Films
Producer: Kapil Tyagi
Chief 1st AD: Bhavna Gautam
AD team: Mellita Sequeira, Hitesh Chauhan
Art Director and Production Design Lead: Tanisha Goswami
Costume and Stylist: Twishha Ganjoo

Editing: Cold Cutz
Editor: Neda Zag

Soundtrack ‘Udh Le’ Composers: Raghav & Arjun

Sound Engineer: Chester Misquitta 

Grading: The Mill 
Colourist: Nicola Gasparri

Recording Studio: Emerdjence
Vocals: Meba Ofelia
Voiceover: Meba Ofelia
Manager: Imti
Sound Engineer: Gregory

You can view the orginal soundtrack here.