Itlinks.to rebrands with the launch of anti-ad fraud tool

Marketing technology company Tapper has launched an Ad Protection Suite and has unveiled its revamped brand identity.

Formerly known as itlinks.to, the company offers software to protect advertising budgets from fraud, and tools to help measure campaign performance.

The company says the new name “Tapper”  has several attributes that make it appealing.

“From its memorability, to the way it encapsulates action, engagement, and how it connects with technology and modernity. Tapping is a gesture intrinsically connected with modern touchscreen technology,” adds the  company. 

Tapper introduction of ad protections tools says it’s responding to the rapidly changing marketing landscape.

Nasser Oudjidane, Co-Founder and CEO at Tapper said, “The bulk of internet traffic is actually bots, with some sources estimating 40 per cent.”

According to a recent study by Juniper Research estimates that the rate of wasted ad budget due to ad fraud was around 22 percent of all digital advertising spending in 2023. 

According to the company,  it aims to stay ahead of the curve with its new identity. 

 “Our rebranding is not just about a new name and a sleek logo, it’s about adapting to the ever-changing needs of our users,” said, Lotfi Zazoun, Head of Business Operations.

“The vibrant colors symbolize creativity, energy, and a forward-thinking mindset, all essential elements for success in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.”