RedPeg Middle East, the kitchen where magic is made

Partner content: W Group provides the ultimate recipe to uplift brands.

In an age driven by social engagement and interactive brand awareness, RedPeg Middle East stands out as a hub that has been catering for its clients’ needs since its foundation in Washington DC in 1995 and Dubai in 2018.

Falling under the umbrella of W Group, RedPeg Middle East joins forces with its sister companies Hypermedia and DigitAll to provide a full spectrum of services that vary from strategy and creative content creation all the way to production, social media outdoor advertising and measurement where a real ROI can be achieved.

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The complementary relationship between RedPeg and Hypermedia enables both companies to undertake major projects for premium clients, including Expo 2020 Dubai, Dubai Metro and General Motors.

After Hypermedia won a 10-year exclusive media representation for Dubai Metro, RedPeg Middle East focused on making all the Metro media spaces ready for transforming touch-points into interactive experiences across 53 stations, 125 trains and Expo Route 2020, reaching more than 600,000 riders per day.

As a prominent part of the winning pitch presentation, experiential marketing spaces have been introduced and designed for Dubai Metro, which can be utilised for any partner and advertiser brand.

In addition to the Dubai Metro, RedPeg Middle East utilises Hypermedia’s assets in 36 nationwide malls, attracting more than 306 million shoppers annually and generating over 5 million impressions monthly.

Hypermedia’s presence also spreads over more than 53 prime outdoor locations to target people on the move and 280 hypermarkets, reaching more than 24 million shoppers per month in the UAE alone.

RedPeg Middle East focuses on a strategic approach to design creative concepts that support brands in further building their KPIs and delivering on their desired ROI.

In addition to that, RedPeg Middle East provides its partners with measurable solutions that would enable them to track, monitor and improve their brands’ performance and market reach. It’s a new concept, although one might find many event companies using that experiential marketing label.

The company plans and executes a variety of creative solutions for countries participating in Expo 2020 Dubai, according to their needs. All design elements and production ideas are developed to build the six-month visitor journey.

On the UAE’s 49th National Day, RedPeg Middle East collaborated with ALDAR Malls and created a four-day experiential journey at Yas Mall and The Mall WTC with multiple interactive engagement touchpoints that led to impactful PR and word-of-mouth reach.

This included the world’s largest sand art structure – from conceptualisation to full production and submission. RedPeg Middle East broke the record on behalf of Yas Mall. The structure was displayed in Yas Mall Town Square along with another art installation.

This activation was the ideal example of how successful experiential marketing and engagement with the target audience is. The activation’s press release reach went above the 50 million barrier, more than 5,000 focused interactions and 534 augmented reality experience interactions.

DigitAll, being the DOOH tech arm of W Group, supports RedPeg Middle East with several aspects.

It provides smart consultancy, integration, content management and creation.

It delivers both programmatic and DOOH tech solutions.

Through its data analytics, it optimises data management and usage through DOOH advertising.

RedPeg Middle East always aims to create unique and engaging experiential deliverables for all its partners. It keeps this pledge through all challenging variables and conditions. The new age of out-of-home marketing is led by social interaction and direct engagement with the target audience, taking them through the full journey and creating the bond that the brand is seeking in order to maximise its market reach.

In this same spirit, RegPeg Middle East tailor-makes each deliverable to best suit the brand’s needs, utilising the assets of all of its sister companies in the group.

This dynamic between the three entities forming W Group provides brands with a full-fledged ecosystem that can both change and optimise the market potential of its clients and partners. This in turn results in a higher return on investment on every project we undertake, resulting from the measurable long-term solutions we provide.

RedPeg Middle East always aims to create unique and engaging experiential deliverables for all its clients.