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Redesigning business

Harnessing data is no longer enough; the challenge for businesses today is making it actionable. The solution, according to CEO, Carla Saliba, is design

By Carla Saliba, founder of, a Dubai-based live data-design and visualisation agency
“Data is the new oil.” How many times have you heard that soundbite in the last year? If you were harbouring any doubt that data isn’t the most valuable commodity today, the overuse of this phrase will certainly convince you. But capturing data isn’t the issue any more; that ship has well and truly sailed. It’s what sense we can make out of it. More importantly, how do we make it available for an entire company, not just that one data scientist poring over algorithms, and use it to drive the bottom line?
Simple – through design. More than just a splash of colour and a clean

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