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Redefining femininity: Lux Arabia aims to change societal perceptions

MMS x LUX Arabia put women in the spotlight with new campaign launched with Unilever Studio and PHD

What drives the way society looks at strong and successful women compared to men? How can it be changed, and what role is there for brands in driving change?

LUX Arabia, Unilever Studio, PHD, and MBC Media Solutions (MMS) partnered to launch ‘Under the Spotlight with LUX’, a campaign aiming to alter preconceived ideas about and labelling of women in the region.

We’ve all witnessed it. At work, one may describe a male colleague as ‘assertive’ while their female counterpart is derided as ‘bossy’. In relationships, a man is labeled ‘passionate’, whereas a woman is characterized as ‘emotional’. In wider society we hear many more derogatory phrases that degrade and negat

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