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Rain collaborates with Amazon Payment Services for brand film

Image Credit: Amazon Payment Services

Rain set out to create a brand film for Amazon Payment Services to stand out amidst the landscape of digital payments advertising.

While competitors were focused on showcasing their technological capability, Amazon Payment Services, in collaboration with Rain, the creative agency behind the campaign, made a decision to focus on its customers’ needs.

Samir Shanbhag, Director of Rain, said: “Going against the category norms by bringing storytelling to the fintech space was a chance to create something different.”

To tell the story of Amazon Payment Services in a captivating way, Rain opted for a music video format.

They have partnered with Feel Productions to attract the expertise of renowned music video director, Brandon Hansford, to helm the film. Amazon Payment Services has also partnered with Alaa Wardi, a YouTuber with over a million followers for music direction.

Image Credit: Amazon Payment Services

Successful B2B brands and marketing appeals to emotions as well as reason.

According to The B2B Institute, there is a need in creative B2B advertising for enjoyable films that draw viewers into the brand.

The study suggests that including elements, such as music could unlock the potential for greater success in B2B advertising.

“One of our biggest communication challenges in this region is adapting to the language nuances in different geographies. And here was a script that spoke a universal language – the language of music,” said Kalika Tripathi, Head of Marketing, Payments, Amazon Payment Services.

“I loved the storytelling too. I knew this is how I wanted to communicate to our audiences about what we are all about at Amazon Payment Services.” she adds.