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Radio Industry Snapshot: Sunny Ahuja, Fun Asia Network

Sunny Ahuja, head of business, Fun Asia Network

How are advertisers using audio in a new way?

It’s unbelievable how advertisers and brands have evolved through the years; it’s not about ad inventory but inspiring creative campaigns. Experiential marketing through the airwaves has become the primary ask for any brand.

How are people’s listening habits changing?

Entertainment being a core element, we’ve realised that the listeners want to be intrigued and inspired. We created the talk platform that now has people expanding their knowledge as well. What if one could tune in and give a job interview live on radio? We’ve been able to cater to every category of content through unique channels under the FunAsia banner

What role does radio play in a modern marketing mix?

Radio draws attention to a well-curated digital, print or on-ground campaign. It adds the ‘I’ element, the interactivity, information, intrigue and imagination.

How have you adapted to better serve the current audio landscape?

We have created radio stations that cater to the needs of an audience when it comes to business, sports and value-based entertainment, and catered to businesses that want a bang for their buck. We have created content that cannot be compared to any station in the country. It is unique, it’s got the mass appeal element and is accessible on FM and online.

What advice would you give to a client looking to maximise their returns on radio advertising?

While you already take pride in highlighting your brand through its well curated themes, its time you give it the voice it needs through uncluttered, distraction-free infotainment and especially through news and entertainment of sports. Imagine your brand name resonating through the masses through the biggest tournaments like IPL, the World Cup and much more.