Puck announces new initiative for women empowerment

Puck has announced the launch of ‘Selfless Shelves’, an initiative aiming to empower five entrepreneurial women from five distinct villages in Lebanon by granting them shelf space in Carrefour stores to sell their handcrafted and locally sourced produce known as ‘mouneh’, packed in repurposed Puck glass jars.

These jars highlight each woman’s story and aim to support their families with earned income.

The products these five women will be selling include makdous eggplant, zaatar, dried orange bitter peels, sumac, and pumpkin jam and are now available on shelves at select Carrefour branches in Lebanon.

Puck is launching the initiative in light of the economic crisis in Lebanon, which has left a staggering 63 per cent of women unemployed – as stated in a report by UN Women.

Women across Lebanon’s villages have resorted to selling ‘mouneh’ to their communities as a means of earning a basic income.

Yahia Adel Z AlSharif, Head of Category at Arla Foods, said: “Puck’s proactive efforts towards community-wide sustainable consumer behaviour aim to generate positive change on a socioeconomic and environmental level.

“It is inspiring to see Puck take steps through ongoing campaigns to encourage mindful habits by reusing its glass jars whilst also supporting and empowering Lebanon’s women-led local artisanal businesses.”

According to Puck, this is just the beginning. It understands the importance of female empowerment in society and has announced that the ‘Selfless Shelves’ initiative is a pilot for more programs that the brand intends to roll out in the future, to continue taking conscious steps towards the improvement of women’s wellbeing by providing them with healthier products, a variety of offerings and inspirational recipes.