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Property Finder’s Your Home Finder campaign reflects the meaning of ‘home’


Property Finder, a MENA’s proptech company, has launched a new campaign titled ‘Your Home Finder’. The integrated brand campaign encourages everyone to think about the true meaning of ‘home’ and reflects the company’s purpose to inspire people to lead the life they deserve. 

The campaign is anchored by a short video demonstrating how Property Finder, thanks to its search capabilities, can help home seekers find a place that they can call home. The sentiment is depicted in the short film that underpins how a house transforms into a home, along with the different meanings we give to it. 

When people look for a home, they seek more than just a roof or a space to live in, hence for this campaign, Property Finder asked a simple question: What does home mean for UAE residents? The brand team conducted consumer research with 1,000 consumers in the UAE, and they found that more than 69% of people look for peace, the joy of sharing memories, and comfort, to live life calmly within their space. 

Based on the survey, 57% of Emiratis, 72% of Asian expats and 75% of Western expats, considered ‘Peace’ as what makes their home a sanctuary. However, for 64% of Arab expats, ‘Joy’ is the key stimulator in making their house feel like a ‘home’, with 41% and 52% of Emiratis and Asian Expats respectively considering it a key factor when looking for a home. 

Ari Kesisoglu, President of Property Finder, said: “The campaign celebrates some of the essential emotions and moments that make people living in the UAE call a place a home. Whatever the associated emotion, we believe that everyone can find a place to call their home on our platform. We are committed to empower homeseekers in their search journey and this campaign is a great way to celebrate our purpose as a company. When you look for a property, it’s not just a house you seek, it’s the emotions you build that make the space you live in ‘a home’ — that is what this campaign is about”

In recent years, Dubai has emerged as one of the most exciting real estate destinations in the world. Thanks to its favourable tax laws, expansive and ever-growing skyline, and thriving economy, the emirate has become ‘home away from home’ for people all around the world. As per a recent report by Knight Frank, since the onset of the pandemic, the demand for villas has driven prices up by 22%, with 85,000 residential real estate transactions and a total value of AED 300 billion in 2021 alone. Driven by the burgeoning consumer trend, Property Finder has launched its new campaign, representing a solid investment in the current climate, where the home becomes more important than before in the post-Covid Era. 

Sevgi Gur, CMO at Property Finder, said: “Moving living spaces is such an emotional experience. When we started conceptualising the campaign idea, we were driven by the emotions in the home search journey. We paused and asked ourselves ‘what does home mean to our consumers’ and the response was always associated with emotions. For some ‘home’ is a place where they find ‘joy’ around their family while others view it as a place of `peace’ and even ‘comfort`. We created this campaign to invite everyone to take a proactive approach to find what transforms a space into a ‘home.

“The campaign, one of Property Finder’s most robust and integrated efforts yet, will run as a ‘digital first’ campaign across all relevant platforms and will be showcased on Property Finder’s website supported by all touchpoints including radio, outdoor and influencers,” concluded Sevgi.