Project Agora further expands MEA team and investment in the region

Project Agora expands its MEA investment by welcoming 3 new members to its MEA team.

Dimitris Tsoukalas, Project Agora’s Regional Director for MEA

Project Agora expands its MEA investment, to further support its commitment to local clients, by welcoming 3 new members to its MEA team.

Rami Shamseldine joins Project Agora as Publishers Development Manager in the Dubai office. Rami started his journey in the digital advertising world in 2013 as a campaign and business manager for online communities. The last 4 years he has focused on the Supply side of the industry, working in Adzouk as Publisher Acquisition manager and lastly in Freewheel, coordinating Business Development for the MENA region.

Mazen Helal joined the team in Cairo, as Media Sales Manager, to help local advertisers maximize ROI from Project Agora services. Mazen is a poised Marketing and Communications expert who has started his digital journey in 2014 as a trade marketing and public relations expert and has contributed to shaping up the digital agency culture for one of the biggest digital agencies in MENA. Mazen has worked with Connect Ads, Skillsoft, Tourchmark and Cobone.

Ilyase Jadidi, joined the regional team to help SMB clients increase their ROI and Yield through Project Agora’s Publisher Solutions. Ilyase studied International Business Management in the UK. He has lived and worked in various countries like Morocco and Hungary and worked with clients from several industries including travel and hospitality.

As Dimitris Tsoukalas, Project Agora’s Regional Director for MEA, pointed out: “During the first months of the pandemic, we noticed an increased demand for Monetization services from Publishers who want to grow their Yield across display-video-native and diversify their Revenue sources. On the other hand, we saw a spike in demand from Advertisers for our Performance & Outcome Based services, that seek to maximize ROI for their online spending. We plan to continue investing in the region by further expanding the team across countries, to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations”.

Project Agora launched in 2014 with investment from one of the leading Marketing & Commerce Holding Groups in EMEA, TDG, to empower media owners to get the maximum value out of every visitor engagement to invest back in content and services for their local communities. For Advertisers, Project Agora is their Performance as a Service Media partner, offering “Guaranteed Results” solutions to help them reach their business goals.

Today, Project Agora is a VC backed, close to 100 people strong, product and an innovation-led company which has become the Media Partner for Advertisers, Publishers and Retailers looking to expand their business in growing parts of EMEA.