Project Agora and Exit Bee join forces to introduce Micro Moment Advertising to the MEA region

Project Agora and Exit Bee have established an exclusive partnership to introduce “micro moment” advertising in the MEA region with “Exit Ads“. The format leverages behavioural technology to indicate when users are becoming disengaged – offering unique benefits to both advertisers and publishers.

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Exit Bee utilizes pattern recognition and machine learning, to precisely identify the moments when users disengage from a website’s content and deliver a contextually relevant ad to capture their attention. Exit Ads do not distract engaged users but instead are served just when a user has disengaged with the content and is exiting the website.

For advertisers, Exit Ads offer an ad experience that ensures brand-safe, premium and targeted placement – with 100% Viewability and Engagement Rates 20x higher than standard banner ads.

For publishers, Exit Ads present an entirely new monetization opportunity that will minimize any interruption for engaged visitors. By producing high Engagement Rates, Exit Ads deliver premium and sustainable CPMs. And by re-engaging “lost” visitors, publishers can promote content, increase subscriptions, run surveys and much more.

Project Agora’s team of digital experts, agency partnerships and direct integrations with over 400+ premium local publishers have solidified their position in the Middle East and Africa. Bringing Exit Bee’s micro moment advertising to the region will not only re-imagine advertising but deliver promising results for brands and advertisers.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with a company as innovative as Exit Bee”, says Dimitris Tsoukalas, Regional Director MEA for Project Agora. “Their pattern recognition and machine learning technology is a gamechanger: it analyzes users’ behaviour in order to identify the “exit” or “in-between” moments. Exit Ads leverage this to further enhance the monetization services we offer publishers, as well as providing another high-performing, creative ad-experience for advertisers. The local team cannot wait to share the news with our clients, and help them unleash the potential of Exit Ads.”

Exit Bee CEO Pavlos Linos also shares about the partnership: “It’s a strategic moment for us to join forces with Project Agora to bring the success of Exit Ads to the Middle East and Africa. Combining our premium offering with Project Agora’s strong relationships in the region makes us very enthusiastic for the future of this partnership and the results it will yield for local publishers and advertisers”.

Ultimately, Exit Ads are expected to re-imagine advertising across the MEA region. Combining Exit Bee’s behavioural technology with Project Agora’s regional expertise, they are creating a new, premium advertising real estate which can deliver tens of times the performance of traditional display ads.