Programmatic and data giants Crimtan and Adara partner up to supercharge customer acquisition

Adara, specialise in verified identity and permissioned data, and Crimtan, dynamic programmatic specialists join forces to form a partnership for programmatic advertising – and supercharge brands’ customer acquisition.

Crimtan and Adara have signed a partnership to combine Adara’s leading global digital identities, with Crimtan’s intelligent lifecycle marketing capabilities, based around the audience, investment and creative intelligence.

Crimtan is the expert in lifecycle marketing for programmatic. They are trusted partners who deliver the most relevant, consented programmatic advertising that drives exceptional incremental ROI across every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Crimtan’s dynamic creative capabilities mean that they can deliver thousands of variations of creative and messaging to brands’ prospects and customers.

ADARA’s privacy token technology harmonizes disparate identities while augmenting them with Adara’s first-party data in a privacy-first approach. With over 1.3 billion consented global high-fidelity identities, supported by over 22 billion data elements and a high data refresh rate, Adara drives optimal customer decisions using advanced data science and real-time deterministic data.

Together, Adara and Crimtan combine the highest quality data with best-in-class programmatic creative across multiple messages and variations – delivering a powerful programmatic advertising solution for brands and supercharging their customer acquisition.

Paul Goad, CEO of Crimtan says: “Adara is a perfect fit for us to engage potential customers early on in their lifecycle allowing us to provide high performing relevant consented advertising.”

Frank Teruel, COO of ADARA says: “We are delighted to welcome Crimtan as Adara’s delivery partner.  Together, with our best in class digital identity data, we will be powering multiple creative variations that make campaigns perform better for our joint customers.”