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Pick of the Quarter: Unforgettable Ramadan with Maggi

The ‘Experience a Ramadan like no other with Maggi!’ campaign served up personalised content for women, writes Justin Harper

During Ramadan food brand MAGGI – NESTLE FOOD, part of Nestle Middle East, used personalised content to help women make a difference in their cooking through its products and services.

‘Experience a Ramadan like no other with Maggi!’ campaign was launched for Ramadan,  the most food-centric time of the year. Regardless of cooking skills, it focused on the fact that there’s always the challenge of deciding what to cook every day for 30 days. “Everyone deserves their moment of glory.”

The brand used personalised content to celebrate the essence of Ramadan, which is rooted in bringing joy and culinary delight to all.















Maggi created tailored recipes and tips for each persona representing different demand moments and highlighting different aspects of the Ramadan experience.

The different profiles included:

  • The Preplanner persona ensures a stress-free Ramadan with meticulous preparation. Maggi provides resources to curate unforgettable menus and prepare delightful meals in advance.
  • For the Ones on the Go who enjoy quick and convenient products and recipes without compromising on taste or nutrition.
  • Transform your Iftars with inspiration and innovative ideas from Maggi for the Ones Who Bring Home the restaurant-like dining experience.
  • Impress your guests with extraordinary dining experiences using an array of recipes, tips and tricks for the Ones Who Create Showstopping Gatherings.

The campaign’s target audience included females aged between 20-45: families spending time together, those who enjoy traditional foods and foodies. 

Objectives were to building brand equity, engagement and traffic to the website. The key results from the campaign included a 3.4 points lift in reported actions towards buying Maggi post the campaign, and a 4.4 point lift among 35-44 year-olds. 

There was also a 9.9 points lift in ad recall for the campaign and a 4 point lift in a custom question (Will you use Maggi in your cooking?) during the campaign. Overall, the campaign achieved a 51 per cent reach of the target audience, 1.16 million video views, 159,000 clicks and a 8 per cent active engagement rate.

This campaign stood out as it was the first time the brand did a test on reported actions towards purchasing Maggi to understand if there was an increase in their consumers. The brand saw positive results on this front. It also worked on a Reels first activation, working with a creative agency and creators to produce native content beyond the feed and stories content. 

Akash Nemani, Head of CPG, Luxury & Beauty at Facebook for Middle East and North Africa

“We are proud to have partnered with Maggi for their consecutive successful Ramadan campaigns. Maggi has consistently been at the forefront during this crucial period. By leveraging Reels, Meta’s fastest growing product, Maggi effectively drove brand affinity among GenZ. Our collaboration has amplified Maggi’s presence and forged meaningful connections, further empowering them in navigating the ever-changing digital landscape.”


Maiada El Shahawy – Food E-business lead – Nestle MENA

The campaign showcased how our products and services celebrate togetherness and bring joy during Ramadan. By connecting with the younger generation, Maggi served as a catalyst to cook the difference and  create relatable Ramadan experiences. We established meaningful connections during Ramadan and beyond, fostering a strong bond with our audience throughout the year.


Justin Harper, Editor, Campaign Middle East

Ramadan really is a special time for families, and brands have to be sensitive to this and not be intrusive. Some get it just right, while others alienate their target market. I felt Maggi got it right with its Ramadan campaign using Meta. The videos were heart-warming filmed with food lovers in the kitchen. They had a genuine and authentic feel about them, and nicely aligned with Ramadan values.