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OUI Agency: Using French flair and ‘quiet luxury’ to cut through the marketing noise

Blossoming with a distinct French panache, OUI AGENCY is not just a creative agency – it’s a family

Remy Abouchakra and Lina Shatykian

Now worth an estimated US$16.5 billion, West Asia’s high-end market is expected to double in size by 2030. And in places like the Middle East, luxury is typically synonymous with opulence, extravagance, and indulgence, a world many imagine to be infused with caviar and champagne, glistening in gold, and dripping in diamonds.

Yet one boutique creative agency born in Dubai – arguably an epicenter of exuberant Arabian richness – is here to redefine luxury marketing across the region.

Blossoming with a distinct French panache, OUI AGENCY is not just a creative agency – it’s a family.

A collective of creatives that thrive on refreshing narratives and take pride in meticulously crafting stories that span from strategies to immersive digital experiences.

They cater to established luxury brands as well as aspiring, emerging ones – from Porsche, Hermes, and Tag Heuer to Merex Investments, One & Only and more.

And the head of this multi-talented group, CEO and Founder Remy Abouchakra – who’s strongly supported by his partner in life and at work and Creative Director, Lina Shatykian – has managed to build a family enterprise on the belief that luxury has less to do with extravagance, than with the elegance of simplicity.

An ethos that infuses partnerships formed with clients in one of the most progressive, future-focused, and economically thriving cities in today’s world.

“As a full-service agency, OUI believes in distilling messages to their purest form, creating meaningful and refined connections that resonate deeply.

“Collaborative and curious, we constantly explore innovative storytelling methods.

“We take a deep pride in being able to cultivate an environment where everyone feels supported, empowered, and inspired and are proud of the work we have been able to be a part of,” says Remy Abouchakra.

OUI team

With designs, strategies, and communication channels that define the essence of ‘quiet luxury’, all while maintaining a French elan that resonates with sophistication, OUI’s approach is rooted in not just creating, but in understanding, adapting and transforming – by fusing the agility of a boutique agency with the prowess of a global powerhouse; ensuring every client point of interaction echoes with a commitment to excellence, while never losing the personal touch.

Born from a global pandemic and only a few years old, OUI has diligently brought its ethos to life through a creative space that enables its team of great minds to thrive.

For it is in a physical environment designed to be a home away from home, for a team who double as a second family, that the OUI collective has brought the refreshed approach of ‘quiet luxury’ marketing, to an otherwise busy landscape.