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OOH Industry Snapshot: MPN and ARN’s Josh Busteed

Josh Busteed, chief commercial officer, MPN and ARN

What metrics should clients use to measure the success of OOH?

At the heart of our network are our MPN mega-hoardings on Sheikh Zayed Road. Our assets are viewed millions of times a month, because of the huge volume of traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road. When a client uses such a powerful platform, the focus of the campaign becomes the creative, to deliver the impactful result. It is the creative that needs to drive the correct result according to the needs of the client, and only the client receives the actual insights to determine ROI and measure campaign success.

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How important is technology to OOH?

MPN is investing in the latest cutting-edge technology to deliver data to clients, based on anonymised data points and a mobility analysis system to calculate reach and impressions. This allows us to understand audience demographics and behaviours, such as to quantify those with young children, or those with the likelihood to purchase a specific product. We believe the whole industry will benefit from an adoption of standardised data and reporting, for client transparency.

On the back of better data and analytics, we believe will see a major expansion in OOH assets on arterial roads that will better reflect the audience and geography for advertisers and clients. This will make OOH far more targeted and impactful for advertisers.

How does OOH fit into the marketing mix with other media?

MPN is part of ARN, the nation’s leading broadcaster. Millions of consumers view our MPN OOH assets from the car, the same location where we deliver award-winning content to millions of listeners on the radio. The combination of radio and OOH delivers huge results for advertisers to reinforce a visual message alongside personalised audio. This is consistent with Asia Pacific and Europe, with most major broadcasters owning major OOH companies. They can combine solutions not traditionally available within one organisation. Research shows advertisers generate an increase in results for campaigns that are booked across both OOH and Radio.

What legislation or regulation would you like to see introduced or removed around OOH?

Collaboration between regulators and the industry is invaluable to shape the OOH demands of the future. We would like to see the industry improve standards, accountability and transparency, and we welcome a regulatory approach that reinforces that.

What are you most looking forward to in the next year or so?

In 2023, MPN will be the fastest growing OOH company in the country with a further 13 locations in development, expanding our portfolio of premium assets and integrating solutions for clients beyond OOH. MPN was built as a multiplatform operator to deliver a 360-degree solution for advertisers. 2023 will be a dynamic year of growth for the business.

What’s the long-term vision for MPN?

Our ultimate goal is to be the first port of call for advertisers, using the strength of our OOH, audio and digital capabilities. Our job is to grow the advertising industry where we are seen, together with our agency partners as central to achieving client objectives.

Have advertising buying patterns changed?

Most agency clients are under significant levels of internal and external focus on ROI for every dollar invested. When an agency and a supplier make a recommendation, not only does it have to be bought well, but it must also deliver a focus on outcome. When a campaign is focussed on outcome, it becomes measurable, when it becomes measurable it becomes effective. It is no longer just about the price, but ultimately about the performance of the campaign.

How important is creative to the success of a campaign?

Like any medium, the most important part of any campaign is the creative execution, none more so than large-format OOH. Given the scale, reach and investment, the execution needs to leave a lasting impression. The greatest campaigns are focused on speaking directly to their audience. Through an increased investment in creative executions, there will be a direct correlation with increased campaign outcome.

What advice would you give clients wanting to use OOH?

Identify your audience and speak directly to them in a tone that relates to them. Great campaign creative should speak directly to the target customers and rule out those they don’t want to target. Define and focus on your target, relate to their needs, understand their budget, and follow them on OOH, radio and digital.