OOH Industry Snapshot: Contour Media’s Rabih Adnan

Rabih Adnan, managing director, Contour Media

What effect is technology having on the business of OOH?

Outdoor advertisement survived the digitalised world. Technology might be changing our lives, and OOH, advertisement is not left out. People spend most of their time outdoors, which means we are more prone to outdoor advertising. Whether it is while commuting to work or home, walking on the street, or in public places, people come across billboards everywhere they go. Consumers across various demographic categories are out there seeing the brands.

What metrics should be used to measure OOH success?

After Launching an OOH campaign, marketers should amplify their messages by extending the delivery of contextually targeted online content through digital media such as mobile apps and web apps. Touchpoints such as links or QR codes that can lead to further information should be included in the ad campaign to make it easily accessible for consumers.

What are clients asking you for?

Clients nowadays are asking for creativity that can provide unavoidable impact and memorability. OOH is not limited to specific technologies, but clients literally want their brands to stand out. 

How can OOH be better integrated with other brand communication channels?

Data-driven OOH means the creative can be fixed, can be changed, or can be fed programmatically depending on the time of day, the weather and many other factors. This goes for all DOOH and connected signage. It’s easy to think of this medium very much as ‘conventional’ media. Data-driven OOH offers the chance to target in unprecedented ways, making it the newest data-driven medium available to marketers.