OMD UAE appoints Claire Fletcher as head of engagement

Claire Fletcher has been appointed as head of engagement at OMD UAE. She will be developing new ways brands can connect and engage with audiences by placing empathy and human connection at the forefront. Through a multidimensional strategic approach with content, creators, experiences, and technology, she will be building innovative practices where brands, products and customers intersect to enrich the overall customer experience in today’s world.

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Claire offers over 9 years of experience in the advertising industry, having spent 7 of them working with diverse brands and categories across MENAT/GCC. In her previous role, Claire spearheaded an addressable content arm allowing her to work closely with global markets, successfully merging data, tech, innovation, and eCommerce to deliver personalization at scale.

Having led the social media departments across creative and media agencies, Claire will be focusing on building agile teams, products and methods to create work that leans on dynamic content, thinking and futuristic experiences to execute solving business problems creatively.