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Nissan creates music track using sounds from team radios and racing cars

The Japanese car brand gets all creative working with DJ and producer ‘Eats Everything’

Nissan has created a music track using sounds from its Formula E garage, team radios and racing cars.

The breakbeat music track is called ‘Feeel’ and was produced by DJ and Producer ‘Eats Everything’ who worked on it with Nissan. The name of the track is an acronym for Formula E Eats Everything London.

It reflects the brand’s ‘Feel Electric’ campaign, linking the electrical impulses in the human body when we feel excitement to its electric powered cars. The track will be shared ahead of the final race of the season in London at the end of July.

Tommaso Volpe, managing director and team principal, Nissan Formula E Team, said: “One of the surprising things when people first experience Formula E, is how distinctive but still exciting the sound of the cars is.

“It may be different from the typical noise that people have come to expect from more traditional motorsport series but, precisely for this reason, this characteristic sound makes it more unique and recognisable.”

The sounds were collected at the Monaco E-Prix in May, which include everything from the Gen3 race car accelerating away to wheel guns, team radio, and even the opening of drink cans.

For the full electric experience, the music track also incorporated the sound of Nissan’s electric passenger cars, called Canto.

A behind-the-scenes video showed how the partnership came about, and the inspiration behind ‘Feeel.’

Eats Everything said: “What’s really interesting for me is that this is a bit different compared to what I normally do.

“I make breakbeat a lot but don’t release much of it. For me it’s a passion project and hopefully it will lead me to put out more of this genre because people will think ‘oh it’s alright you can do this.’”