New study reveals what marketers need to know about Gen Alpha

'Exploring Generation Alpha: A Look into the Future' report reveals gen alpha are more engaged with purpose, gaming and technology than Gen Z

Image Credit: Razorfish

Razorfish has released new research for the next generation of future consumers: Gen Alpha.

The study reveals how the group is expected to reach 2.2 billion by 2024, and are more engaged with purpose,     gaming and technology than Gen Z.

Dani Mariano, President at Razorfish, said: “Gen Z had a profound impact on how brands approached their consumer experiences, but companies need to brace themselves even more for the changes Gen Alpha will infuse,

“The pandemic accelerated their adoption of technology, embedding it in nearly every part of their lives, including remote learning. They aren’t just digital natives, these are digital ninjas, and whether brands are ready or not, they’re coming.”

According to the study, titled “Exploring Generation Alpha: A Look into the Future”, 75 per cent of 8 to 10 year olds are thinking about mental health support, which will likely become a major driver of brand loyalty and purchasing decisions.

Gaming as a creative outlet 

For Gen Alpha’s, games is a means of expressing creativity or building things, and they are twice as likely to to see gaming as a form of self-expression than Gen Z.

Early tech adoption 

The adoption of technology was accelerated by the pandemic, embedding tech into every part of their lives

More than 40 per cent of Alphas have used a tablet before the age 6, with more than half using video game consoles by age 7.

The percentage of Alphas who value having the latest technology is more than double the percentage for Gen Z, 63 per cent compared to 31 per cent respectively.

Sense of purpose 

When asked about their aspirations, nearly one-third of Alphas selflessly said they want to make a difference, help others, or help the planet when they grow up.

Despite growing up in a world of social media, 92 per cent of Gen Alpha respondents understand the power of authenticity and value the importance of being themselves.

Alphas similarly to Gen Z also prioritise key values such as learning new things, standing up for people, understanding people who are different, and sharing their opinions with others more than Gen Z.