New ad school comes to Saudi

Cairo Ad School founder Enas Rashwan has announced the launch of Saudi Ad School in Riyadh.

The ad school is touted to be “first Saudi occupational advertising institute” in the country.

The Saudi Ad School was established with the aim of empowering the next generation of Saudi advertising professionals.

Founder and President of Saudi Ad School and Cairo Ad School Enas Rashwan is a seasoned professional with more than 18 years of experience in the advertising and communications industry.

Rashwan first founded Cairo Ad School to address the gap in specialised education and training for industry creatives in her region, and now launched the same for Saudi.

“We strive to provide aspiring creative talents from Saudi Arabia with an exceptional platform to learn, develop their skills, and make a substantial impact in the advertising industry while aligning with the ambitious goals of Vision 2030 goals,” says Rashwan.

She has also extended an invitation to industry professionals to contribute to the school in forms of mentorship and partnerships.

“And for sure the mission of the Saudi Ad School cannot be accomplished without the significant contributions of industry professionals and key players. Therefore, I extend an invitation to all industry achievers to partner with us and join forces to achieve our common goals,” she adds.

Enas Rashwan, Founder and President of Saudi Ad School and Cairo Ad School


The Saudi Ad School programmes

As part of its programmes, the school will provide industry-focused training programs to equip industry talents with skills and knowledge required in the industry.  Training modules will also include high-quality specialised education and practical training through industry projects, internships and workshops.

Furthering real-world insights and opportunities, the school also maintains connections with advertising agencies, industry experts, and influential figures to provide students.

The highlight of the school is its focus on culture, where it integrates cultural sensitivity and local context into its curriculum to create campaigns that resonate with and reflect the culture of Saudi audiences.

The Saudi Ad School will focus on four offerings: educational programmes, career development, talent placement recruitment and lastly, a community platform.

The educational programmes will feature courses covering disciplines such as copywriting, art direction, strategic planning, ad filmmaking, branding and digital marketing.

As a community platform, the school will conduct networking events and awards festival with the online platform sources and resources of industry organisations and  creative contacts.

The Saudi Ad School will offer both long-term and short-term options such as diplomas (6 months), mini diplomas (3 months), courses (5 weeks), workshops (3 days) and sessions (3 hours) to its students.