Gamers more likely to buy from brands featured in-game

Credit: Florian Olivo – Unsplash

In a new report released by Newzoo, it was revealed that 47 per cent of gamers said that they were more likely to buy from a brand featured in their favourite game.

The findings were a part of Newzoo’s Global Gamer Study 2023. A part of the survey looks at consumer’s engagement with video games and their attitudes towards brands in games.

Sports, beverages, technology and automotive brands are the most positively received brands in games.

Gaming also aids in brand discovery with more than 50 per cent of respondents stating that they discovered new brands while gaming.

Gamers are reacting positively to brand collaborations, not only in games but also with streamers.  These collaborations also appear to influence purchasing decisions, according to Newzoo.

42 per cent of gamers said that they bought a product or service recommended or used by thier favourite streamer.

Viewing streaming is a significant part of how online consumers engage with games, while playing games is the most common way to engage (76%), watching gaming streams follows closely behind at 54 per cent.

The survey was conducted globally with a sample of 74,295 people between the ages of 10-65 in 36 markets. Approximately 1,500 of the participants were from the countries Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates each.

Entering the player’s arena

STC’s Ramadan activation with Fortnite

Regional brands have taken their step to tap into the gaming opportunities. Early this year, Saudi-based telecommunications STC entered the gaming arena with a collaboration with popular game, Fortnite.

Fast food companies such as KFC and Pizza Hut have created their own gaming channels and tournaments to integrate better into the gaming community. Both brands have also created collaboration merchandise catering to gaming needs such as gaming headsets and controller skins.

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An unexpected entrant to the market is skincare brand Nivea, which caters to the largely untapped female gaming community in the region.

The potential and the opportunities for brands in the gaming sector are rising rapidly. Gaming revenue is expected to reach $6bn in the next three years in the Middle East and North Africa region.