Narratiive partners with Carbon to bring next-gen revenue optimization for publishers in the Middle East and South Africa

Narratiive partners with Carbon to bring the most comprehensive publisher focussed Data Management Platforms, revenue analytics and audience data in a unified offering.

Narratiive, an audience measurement platform for emerging and fast-growing markets, has partnered with Carbon, an AdTech company responsible for developing the first Revenue Management Platform for Publishers.  Working together in MENA & South Africa they aim to bring the most comprehensive publisher focussed DMP, revenue analytics and audience data in a unified offering.

A new breed of DMP and beyond

The migration of advertising spends towards data-driven solutions – especially to the triopoly Google, Facebook and Amazon – has been a repeated reality for years, with Publishers challenged to find effective ways to attract back the lost revenue.  High-quality editorial, premium inventory and branded content projects have proven hard to scale due to the risk of diminishing CPMs; while Publishers that focused their efforts on data monetization, shared largely the same challenges: cost-prohibitive, overcomplicated, non-scalable and with limited support technologies.

To combat these challenges, many publishers have turned to Data Management Platforms (DMPs) from big renowned players with the promise of scaled audiences and turning Publisher data into dollars.  However, failing on these promises combined with new challenges in identity & addressability has led to a new breed of next-gen companies in the same space.

These next-gen data platforms are focusing on Publisher 1st party data and leveraging machine-driven technology to reduce the dependence on 3rd party cookies and drive a much higher persistence on identifying and categorizing audiences; whilst respecting the continuing shifts in identity and privacy.

Why is this partnership special?

“As a Revenue Management Platform, Carbon helps Publishers analyze their audience and ad revenue as well as build custom audience segments – through automation or machine-driven tools – all in real-time to provide Publishers with more targeted, better-performing campaigns. The Narratiive and Carbon partnership enables Narratiive audience data to flow into Carbon, giving Publishers a large lake of highly accurate declared audience data which they can then use to build custom audience segments in the Carbon Audience segment builder. This partnership creates a full-circle solution for Publishers giving them ultimate control and use of their first-party audience data,” says Greg Mason, regional lead, Narratiive.

What’s in it for Publishers?

Data Management Platforms operate under the basic premise that enabling Publishers to sell Inventory with data fused into it, should lead to higher yields and better performance – a premise with many caveats and even more dependencies.

Carbon being a Revenue Management Platform evolves this basic premise by moving from “can bring better returns”, to automating the process and tying all of its parts back to the revenue angle. By providing a seamless view of how editorial, audience and revenue operations interact, Publishers can access more powerful, actionable insight into which audiences, content, and sources are driving engagement, revenue and eCPM. From there they are then able to optimize their audience & monetization strategies to ultimately enhance their results.

About Narratiive & Carbon

Narratiive is an actionable insight and intelligence for marketers & Publishers in MENA, South Africa and emerging markets. Narratiive offers a suite of analytical, research, insights and market mapping tools.

Carbon is an end-to-end revenue management platform (RMP) that unlocks the complex relationship between audience, content and revenue, enabling more profitable content, buy-side and sell-side strategies.

“Partnering with Narratiive is a natural fit between two businesses who share a common goal of adding value to the Publisher community.  It’s exciting to be able to overlay Carbon’s ‘Revenue DNA’ with Narratiive’s audience data for their Publisher clients to drive higher campaign performance,” David Snocken – VP Partnerships, Carbon.

“We are delighted to partner with Carbon RMP to bring to the region a powerful combination for Publishers to collect, organize, make addressable and place a monetary value to their 1st party audiences. This combination is a game-changer for most Publishers who have an amazing opportunity to build stronger programmatic ties to agencies and brands,” Chad Hussain – GM, Narratiive.