Nabd launches new games app feature

Image Credit: Nabd

Nabd, a content app and platform, has announced the launch of its newest feature – word games with daily challenges. 

This expansion enhances Nabd’s diverse content verticals, providing users with an engaging and interactive experience.

It includes a range of offerings such as personalised news, live match scores, football schedules, and more. Nabd wants to push the boundaries of an all-in-one app.

Users can enjoy word games and participate in daily challenges, testing their skills with a word puzzle to solve each day. These personal challenges offer a fun and stimulating way  to engage with the word game feature while staying informed about the latest headlines and exploring other content verticals.

Abdur-Rahman El-Sayed CEO Executive Officer of Nabd, said: “We are excited to introduce word games to the Nabd platform, improving our content offerings and user experience.”

Nabd’s new word games feature brings an element of fun and mental stimulation to the platform. By incorporating word games into its app, Nabd aims to serve the preferences of its 30 million users, providing them with a one-stop solution for both information and entertainment.