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Google: New AI powered tool for YouTube

Image Credit: Google

Google has announced the piloting of an experimental AI tool to generate draft replies to YouTube user comments for a social campaign.

The launch of the campaign using AI reply is called Best Phones Forever. It will be a YouTube series that aims to be the friendliest competitive campaign.

A human community manager then evaluates, selects and edits the best options — which are generated in the friendly voice of the campaign.

It imagines a friendship between the two best phones in the world – iPhone and Pixel.

Demos has made it clear that the strongest end product doesn’t come from AI alone, but AI being used by people with curiosity, creativity and compassion. The most important ingredient isn’t AI — it’s humans.

James Manyika, Senior Vice President, Research, Technology & Society at Google said: “We see the same potential for AI to help us connect, be more productive and liberate our imaginations. And we’re excited about how it will interplay with human creativity.”

AI and art are not at odds. AI doesn’t replace human creativity – it enhances, enables and liberates it.”

AI is an emerging technology that is still being developed and will pose new challenges that we must innovate to address.

Image Credit: Google


Throughout history, humans have always pushed the boundaries of what’s possible – driven by curiosity, creativity or necessity. All eras of discovery and innovation began with someone imagining possibilities. 

The status quo rarely captures our imaginations. Instead, we’re inspired by someone trying something new: a different medium, method, subject or something else altogether. Sometimes technology acts as the muse to open up untapped sources of creativity. 

“Creative people thrive in times of change — they’re often the first to try new things, reinvent the rules, push the boundaries, and expand possibilities for everyone.” adds Robert Wong, Vice President, Creative Lab at Google.

What possibilities do you see? What things can you imagine? 

 It’s an exciting time right now. There’s so much we can accomplish and so much we must get right — together.