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Momentum Dubai brings the 2023 MG RX5 dramatically back to life

Momentum Dubai have teamed up with MG Motor to ignite passion for the all-new 2023 MG RX5 among regional audiences.

MG have completely transformed the RX5 from its 2018 iteration for the head-turningly impressive 2023 model. It comes fully redesigned with sleek design and styling, advanced technology, and an affordable price point.

This story of rebirth inspired Momentum’s idea to use the ultimate symbol of renewal and rebirth in Greek mythology, the one and only immortal bird: the phoenix, from the flames. The teaser campaign built intrigue through sightings of a fiery winged creature in the skies over several countries in the region, captured on mobile phone cameras. Then the hero film landed, revealing the fully redesigned RX5 being reborn from within the wings of a giant phoenix, after it landed dramatically on the streets of Dubai.

Marketing director Junaid Bukhari, said of the collaboration: “The all-new 2023 MG RX5 is a completely new model, like a rebirth from the old MG RX5. Momentum Dubai presented a bold idea inspired by the mythological creature Phoenix. This idea focused on delivering the key product message of a completely revamped MG RX5 by creating a dramatic campaign. MG is an inspiring brand, and Momentum Dubai has truly captured the brand essence and delivered a unique and successful campaign”.

The film was directed by Amin Soltani of Craft MENA, and produced by Big Kahuna Films.


Agency: Momentum Dubai
Creative directors: Wayne Esslemont and Christopher Booth
Account management: Wissam Gharib, Kasra Namazi, Anis Zantout, Ibrahim Hasan and Ahmed Nour
MG Motor client team: Junaid Bukhari and Lara Sou
Production: Big Kahuna Films
Post production: Craft MENA
Director: Amin Soltani (Craft MENA)