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Mobily partners with Brand4mance to drive results and traffic during Ramadan 2022

Partnering up with Brand4mance, a Choueiri Group brand and the region’s sole TV attribution solution, Mobily launched a Special Offer for Ramadan 2022.


  • Leverage the power of TV in the region and audience trends during the Holy Month of Ramadan.
  • Drive results and quality traffic to Mobily’s website
  • Optimize towards performance and real-time conversion


  • Use of multiple regional TV channels, a mix of integrated solutions diversified between sponsorships, special on-screen execution, and a call-to-action to launch the offer.
  • Design the call-to-action utilizing multiple creatives targeting pre-paid packages with different commercial lengths. 


  • Using Brand4mance’s solutions, Mobily was able to track and optimize the performance of every TV Channel, Sponsored Program and Spot. Add to that, for the first time, measure the return of the on-screen execution within a selected series on one of the active channels.


  • Direct conversions were measured on the lower funnel, proving the new channel mix was effective and efficient.
  • Lower Funnel:
    • Lower Funnel:
      • 12.28% increase in website traffic
      • 12.7% uplift on App Downloads
      • 12% contribution of uplift on traffic and downloads attributed to the specific channel due to on-screen execution
  • On the Upper Funnel, BLS showed positive correlation with Awareness, Favorability, and Consideration
  • Upper Funnel:
    • +86% increase in Awareness
    • +48% increase in Favorability
    • +29% increase in Consideration


Insights and Learnings

With Brand4mance, Mobily was able to use TV efficiently as a performance tool to drive results and quality traffic to their website.

Saleh R. Alanazi (Mobily – Acting GM – Channels Investment):

Passionate about innovation, we strive to be forerunners in the use of new media solutions that we trust will deliver on our business objectives. For the 3rd consecutive year, we have witnessed promising results in utilizing Brand4mance as our TV performance optimization tool linked to digital KPIs, and with all the dynamic changes in communication marketing requirements, they always offer us progressive and new solutions.

Tarek Sharafeddine (CLD – Mindshare -Riyadh)

Measurement is an integral part of any plan we initiate, and tools like Brand4mance, help us complete the picture. As TV’s role grows beyond reach into a core measurement component, we look forward to extending this to re-targeting on digital.

Salam Sawaya (COO- Brand4mance)

We are proud at Brand4mance and Choueiri Group to partner with a leading Saudi Telco Operator such as Mobily and be their trusted measurement partner. We continuously develop and innovate when it comes to our products, and by utilizing and leveraging the power of TV across a new mix of channels, we aim to further optimize towards performance and real-time conversion.