MMPWW Take Programmatic On The Road

The speakers from left to right: Bruno Bianchini, Ayman Haydar, Husain ElShehabi, Nader Bitar.

 Last week, MMP World Wide, the leading premium marketplace provider hosted ‘Programmatic Matters’, a two-part series dedicated to introducing the basics of ad-tech and what needs to be done in order to build a stronger and safer advertising ecosystem.

 Publishers came together for a proactive discussion in Kuwait and Dubai to explore the fundamentals of data-driven advertising, as well as tackling the key concerns around brand safety, both in ad placement and the user experience, including the role of the private marketplace in answering this need.

“The purpose of taking programmatic on the road was to show publishers its true value and place in the advertising ecosystem today; it’s no longer the future, it’s the here and now,” commented Ayman Haydar, CEO, MMPWW. “Along with our partners at Google, we went back to basics in helping publishers understand what it takes to build an environment that meets safety standards for hosting branded content, and why they need to be fearless in their approach; you either get on board or miss out – it’s that simple.”

“As the conversation moves more towards AI and algorithms shaping our platforms today, make no mistake, we still need the human element to drive the tech, added Nader Bitar, Deputy GM of MMP World Wide. “Programmatic goes beyond just pushing traffic, that ship has sailed. Today, it’s about blending the right tech with creativity to produce new and innovative formats that attract audiences. This roadshow was the first of its kind to examine how, with the right ad-tech solutions, the sky’s the limit to what can be achieved.”

For a full review of Programmatic Matters, pick up our next issue, out March 24th.