Meta to remove detailed ad targeting

In Meta’s latest announcement, it has announced that it will be discontinuing certain detailed targeting options for ad campaigns.

The tech giant will be removing and consolidating a selected group of its detailed targeting options which relate to topics “people may perceive as sensitive”.

The affected targeting options will include “sensitive” topics such as health, race and ethnicity. These will also include options that are not widely used, too niche or have become redundant.

Some of them also will be removed because of legal or regulatory requirements.

While Meta will be discontinuing detailed targeting options, it has said that it will aim to provide alternative targeting recommendations wherever possible.

The removal of the ad targeting options will come into effect on March 18 2024.

Ad campaigns will continue to run with the discontinued options till this date, after which alternatives targeting will need to chosen to continue running the ad.

Meta also identified the method to see if any ad campaigns are running on the discontinued targeting options.

The ads will pop-up on the Meta Ads Manager campaigns page with a warning banner. After which advertisers will be given the option to either remove all the unavailable options or replace them with alternative options.