Meta restricts generative AI use for certain advertisers

Meta has restricted access of its generative AI tools to certain advertisers, according to updates on the platform’s Help Center.

Advertisers creating ads for topics such as housing, employment, credit or social issues will not be able to run generative AI-created campaigns.

Elections, politics, health, pharmaceuticals and financial services are also not permitted to use these features.

The move was made to prevent the spread of false information through generative AI content.

The company’s advertising standards already prohibit ads that feature false information.

However, the regulations do not mention any rules specifically for AI-generated content, according to news agency Reuters.

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Reuters also highlighted the changes to Meta’s policy in its Help Center, “As we continue to test new Generative AI ads creation tools in Ads Manager, advertisers running campaigns that qualify as ads for Housing, Employment or Credit or Social Issues, Elections, or Politics, or related to Health, Pharmaceuticals or Financial Services aren’t currently permitted to use these Generative AI features.”

“We believe this approach will allow us to better understand potential risks and build the right safeguards for the use of Generative AI in ads that relate to potentially sensitive topics in regulated industries,” it said.

The platform recently announced that it would be rolling out its generative AI ad creation tools to all its advertisers, last month.

The generative AI tools will allow advertisers to create content like image backgrounds and written text. It will also allow businesses to use AI to communicate on their behalf on Messenger and Whatsapp.

It also said the generative AI features will be available advertisers globally completely  by next year.