Measurability in OOH is a matter of utmost urgency, by Seventh Decimal’s founders Maud Moawad and Lewaa Hamadeh

Measurability in OOH is a matter of utmost urgency, write Seventh Decimal’s founders, Maud Moawad, CEO and Lewaa Hamadeh, CTO.

In May 2021, we woke up to the shocking news that the president of Geopath, Kim Frank, had resigned after a heated discussion with OAAA’s newly appointed CEO Anna Bager.
Kim had been leading Geopath (the industry standard for the OOH marketplace in the US) for more than six years, with exceptional milestones and achievements. That was until recently, when complaints from industry stakeholders started pouring in, accusing Geopath of a lack of agility and low speed of responsiveness to the results of mobility and traffic shifts following Covid-19 lockdowns.

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