McDonald’s RICC strengthens partnership with MEmob+

After working together on several campaigns and projects in the past two years, Riyadh International Catering Corporation (RICC), McDonald’s franchisee for the Central, Eastern and Northern regions of Saudi Arabia, has made MEmob+ its authorised data partner. The marketing technology company, which specialises in data mining, management and monetisation, has successfully passed a stringent risk audit by the global QSR giant.  This deeper partnership will allow the local chain to enrich, analyse and activate its first-party data to achieve higher levels of marketing ROI.

Owned by Akama Holding, MEmob+ will provide a wide-ranging set of technologies and data intelligence for McDonald’s RICC. MEmob’s technologies and processes have been thoroughly reviewed by McDonald’s global risk investigators and were approved at the end of last year.

With this partnership, McDonald’s RICC will have access to the full portfolio of MEmob’s products and services. Through the enrichment of its first-party data with MEmob’s insights, gathered from 470 million devices regionally and almost nine billion globally, the restaurant chain will have a more precise view of the activity in its category. This intelligence will allow it to make smarter and more timely decisions.

“Over the last couple of years, our relationship with McDonald’s RICC has gone from strength to strength. In that time, we’ve built a comprehensive and powerful suite of tools, systems and technologies to really elevate brands’ consumer understanding and marketing performance,” commented Ihab El Yaman, co-founder and managing director of MEmob+. “The validation from McDonald’s global risk assessment team is an outstanding endorsement of our work to date.”