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MBC MEDIA SOLUTIONS launches MBC GROUP’s Ramadan Roadshow 2021

MBC GROUP’S commercial division, MBC MEDIA SOLUTIONS (MMS), reveals this year’s highly anticipated Ramadan content lineup at a hybrid roadshow event.

Every Ramadan, millions of viewers across the Arab world tune in to MBC GROUP channels and platforms to view the latest shows starring their favourite stars.

MBC GROUP’S commercial division, MBC MEDIA SOLUTIONS (MMS), revealed this year’s highly anticipated Ramadan content lineup at a hybrid roadshow event, held in Dubai and streamed to clients and partners around the region.

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MMS held MBC’s Ramadan Roadshow 2021 to announce the exciting programming lineup, launching this Ramadan across all the group’s platforms, providing clients with attractive sponsorship opportunities, which will not only guarantee return on investment but also help them effectively connect their brands with viewers in the MENA region and beyond.

During the event, Sam Barnett, CEO of MBC GROUP highlighted the importance of establishing MMS as in-house commercial advertising and sales unit.

“We are developing more specialized sector expertise so we can be a better partner to our clients.  We are also opening up our programming to more innovative integration opportunities and inviting clients in.  Our ambition is to be a world-class media organization from the region and in the region.  Today we have more tools than ever to achieve this,” said Barnett.

He also highlighted the four main pillars that MBC’s strategy is based on, being strong believers in TV, investing more in Shahid, creating a content factory and building closer relationships with stakeholders.

On his part, Ahmed Al Sahhaf, CEO of MMS said that the main goal of MMS since it was launched is to connect brands and people with MBC GROUP’s premium content.

“In the last few months, we’ve been mobilizing all our efforts – from the production, TV and marketing teams, to our analytics, brand integration and commercial teams to bring a Ramadan experience to your screens like never before. It comes as no surprise that this is one of the most in-demand months of the year, where audiences wait for MBC’s content lineup to see their much-loved stars on-screen through programs that inform, evoke emotion and entertain,” said Al Sahhaf.

He added that Ramadan is an incredibly crucial time for brands who want to be part of the Ramadan narrative and gain from the large scale of audiences the group is drawing year on year across many channels.

Ali Jaber, MBC Group’s Director of TV, presented the exciting shows that will air this Ramadan, which range from social, comedy, drama and cooking programs, to game shows and talk shows – ensuring that every member of the family is entertained and bringing back fan favourites such as Nasser Alqassabi, Mohamed Ramadan, Ahmad Al Shugairi and Hayat Al Fahad to name a few.

Nadeem Samara, chief operating officer of MMS shared data insights that proved Ramadan to be a great period for brands to benefit from high exposure captive viewership and engaged audiences.

Samara revealed that MBC records a notable 23 per cent increase in household viewership compared to non-Ramadan months, reaching more than 14.6 million individuals in KSA, 4.7 million in the UAE, Kuwait and Qatar and 11.4 million in Iraq.

Data shared during the event showed that 98.3 per cent of households and 97.8 per cent of individuals were retained by MBC last year vs. previous Ramadan, according to data collected from Saudi viewers.

It also revealed that Shahid is a Ramadan staple as 22.7 million Shahid users were recorded during Ramadan last year.  An average of eight hours and 30 minutes spent watching Shahid content was also recorded during Ramadan (per user).


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Fact Box- Ramadan Key Shows

  • ‘Seen’ presented by Ahmad Al Shugairi
  • ‘Malek Bel Tawila’ presented by Malek Alrouqi
  • ‘Mamnou3 Al Tajawol’ starring Nasser Alqassabi
  • ‘FANANEES’ animation series
  • ‘Bilaty Heya Ahsan’ presented by Alsheikh Dr Mohammed Al Issa
  • ‘Moussa’ staring Mohamed Ramadan and Sumaia Alkhashab
  • ‘Ramez’ show presented by Ramez Gamal
  • ‘Margaret’ starring Hayat Al Fahad
  • ‘Al Meerath’ starring Reem Abdallah & Mohamad Alhejji
  • ‘Souk Al Harir’ (S2) starring Bassam Kousa, Saloom Hadaad and Karess Bashar
  • ‘Nasl Al Aghrab’ starring Ahmed Al Sagga and Ameer Karara
  • ‘Iftarna Ghayr’ presented by Chef Hala Ayash
  • Al-Lekaa Min Al Sefer talk show
  • Kolna Nfoz Al Layila gameshow
  • Dofaat Beirut, starring Muhanad Al Hamdi
  • Amina Haf starring Elham Alfedhalah
  • 2020 starring Nadine Njeim and Kosai Khauli
  • Al Najeya Al Waheeda starring Hudda Hussain
  • Shlaywi Nash starring Abdallah Al Sadhan
  • Kasr Al-Nile starring Dina El Sherbiny