Matter of fact – Tikking and fasting

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By Tariq Al-Sharabi, Managing Director of Cicero & Bernay Communication Consultancy


Ramadan is one of the Arab world’s most anticipated seasons for its noble values and the sentiments of togetherness it evokes. This makes it a period of importance for communication agencies seeking to capitalise on its inevitably resulting trends.

However, a winning Ramadan strategy is not just rooted in context.

It is easy for a brand to simply communicate talking points or product offerings. However, that would risk them sounding tone-deaf at a time when community outreach and authentic conversations are the rules of the day.

Nuance is a factor that needs to also be considered when planning promotional and communication campaigns for the holy month. Are people looking for thematic products and services? Absolutely, but they do not want to be peddled to. Companies must focus on empowering and reaching out to communities with authentic content on their preferred platforms and where they are most present.

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Game changer

Sustainable education

The Arab Youth Council on Climate Change signed a memorandum of understanding with HSBC to implement a ‘Sustainability Education’ initiative to train higher-education students in the sectors of sustainability and innovative climate solutions. This kind of partnership is a great example of how the private sector can positively impact the global sustainability agenda.

Breaking the net

Riddle me viral

When it comes to the caped crusader’s upcoming movie, Warner Brothers has been brewing up a marketing storm, targeting every possible demographic. The Riddler reveal was a noteworthy teaser campaign that brought code breakers and puzzle enthusiasts to decipher the secret message ‘Gotham loves a comeback.’


Mind the gap

When it comes to progress, nothing has been as slow to roll out worldwide as the elimination of the pay gender gap. As companies and global conglomerates marked International Women’s Day on 8 March, a Twitter bot replied with the gender pay gap at each company in question. The result is a sobering look at the current global workforce that is made more shocking given its existence in the 21st century.