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Mars and Anghami launch #WeChoose anthem

Mars Middle East Africa has partnered with Anghami to support and celebrate women who are passionate to pave their own paths. This year, they have launched #WeChoose, a regional Galaxy Chocolate anthem made by Arab women for Arab women.

#WeChoose has been launched by Galaxy Chocolate, on the heels of the success of #IChoose in 2021, a campaign that urged Arab women to believe in themselves and take pride in their journeys. #Wechoose continues to encourage women to pursue their pleasure and unlock their full potential, however this time, it gathers women from all across the Middle East region to be the voice of the brand.

The anthem has been directed by acclaimed music video director Angy Jammal from Lebanon. Top female artists from the Arab world (Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon), including Maritta Hallani, Donia Wael and Zena Emad have lent their voice to the anthem.

#WeChoose: Meet the Voices

Maritta Hallani is an artist from Lebanon, who has lent her voice to over 20 songs, with the latest being the #WeChoose anthem.

“The #WeChoose anthem echoes my core persona and amplifies my intention to inspire like-minded Arab women to pursue their pleasure. It takes courage for women to take pride in their journeys and celebrate their choices, and through the anthem we celebrate that courage,” says Hallani, who has joined Galaxy in its efforts for the first time.

Donia Wael, also joins the campaign for the first time, and is an Egypt-based singer, songwriter and composer, who released her first single in 2020, following which she soared to TikTok and YouTube fame.

Wael says: “As an up-and-coming artist, I am excited to lend my voice to the #WeChoose anthem.  It is an honour to be associated with Galaxy and to be able to influence Arab women to bring their voice to the table.”

Saudi-bred up-and-coming artist Zena Emad continues to be associated with the brand’s vision for women in the Arab region, as one of the leading voices of the #WeChoose anthem.

She said, “I am stoked to be partnering with Galaxy again, but this time in bigger capacity and wider scope. It is a privilege to be associated with a brand of great societal impact and value. Together, we shall celebrate Arab women’s achievements, choices and journeys.”

The #WeChoose anthem has been directed by acclaimed music video director Angy Jammal from Lebanon.


Client: Mars Middle East – Galaxy
Music partner: Anghami
Creative agency: CODE8