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Maggi Arabia celebrates the moments that define Ramadan

Partner content: The food brand used Facebook’s platforms to deliver appetising recipes from the traditional to the innovative, to inspire home cooks to create delicious meals through weekly planners all month long.

Food brand Maggi Arabia wanted to reach women who are passionate about cooking, during the second Ramadan the world would spend under social distancing restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Maggi ARABIA’s audience are often looking for ways to shorten the cooking process without compromising on flavour or taste. At other times, they want their meals to taste like the food their mothers cooked for them when they were young.
Today’s home cooks are open to trying new dishes and cuisines, to show off their creativity. At the same time, they also use cooking to preserve tradition, and the shared satisfaction of good, home-cooked food helps bring families together. This mix of creativity

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