Lupin: The Legendary Gentleman is coming to GCC theatres for the first time through a 3D animation movie

Spacetoon Pictures brings the anime film Lupin III to the GCC theatres, premiering on the 12th of August.

Spacetoon Pictures, the specialized company in the field of publishing and distributing anime and animation movies in MENA, has recently revealed bringing the 3D Japanese animation movie to the GCC  theatres on August 12.

The audience can live the excitement along with Lupin and his team after selecting their favourite language and choose between Japanese, English, and Arabic dubbing, delivered by Spacetoon.

Lupin III: The First is full of action and mysterious events presented in high-quality 3D animation and an impressive style of storytelling.

The movie’s events took place in the 1960s, and the story revolves around a hidden treasure, which could only be obtained by stealing Bresson’s diary, the hidden treasure of the Bresson Diary, which aroused Lupin’s curiosity to begin his journey searching for it, accompanied by his squad Daisuke Jigen and Goemon Ishikawa.

Lupin and his crew, discover later on that they have rivals in this journey, one of them is Fujiko Mine, and another mysterious organization uses a young lady named Laetitia to do the mission. Believing that whoever gets the diary will gain absolute power and great fortune. All the rivals meet at the climax of events, where adventures and exciting events begin.

The movie was first released in Japan, ranking #2 at the Japanese Box Office in its opening weekend, grossing more than $2 million before having a worldwide release. Remarkably, the movie got positively reviewed by international press such as The Guardian, The Verge, and IGN.

The first film has the signature of Takashi Yamazaki, the Japanese director who stands behind many top-rated anime works in Japan such as “Stand By Me Doraemon” and “Dragon Quest: Your Story”.

The movie has been nominated for the Animation of the Year at the 43rd Japan Academy Awards, the Best Animated Film in Hawaii Film Critics Society, and the Best Feature Film at Annecy International Animation Festival.

The film is to be released on the 12th of August across movie theatres in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait cinemas in Arabic, Japanese, and English versions along with different options of subtitles.