Leveling up with Mastercard: The ‘Priceless Legends’ campaign

Enter the gaming world, where reality blurs with virtual realms, providing endless brand integration possibilities. Brands are tapping into gaming to connect with younger audiences in immersive ways.

Let’s explore the Mastercard ‘Priceless Legends’ campaign’s success in this case study.

The Story

As a strategic sponsor of Gamers8, the largest gaming esports festival in the world, ‘Priceless Legends’ campaign was designed to promote Mastercard’s participation for the second year in a row.

The objective of the campaign was to build on Mastercard’s role underlines the company’s commitment to delivering a diverse and exciting range of experiences for the younger generation, particularly GenZ and passionate gamers across the Kingdom.

The Solution:

To ensure maximum impact, Mastercard partnered with DIVISION to create a four-week campaign that centered on promoting the Gamers 8 event.

Four gamers, hand-picked for their relevance, creativity, and authenticity, showcased the Mastercard brand through live streaming on Twitch with prominent streamers, SHoNgxBong, Nitrake, Cipher and lilwhuda and amplified through their social channels.

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Central to the campaign was a thrilling partnership with well-known Twitch streamers. guided their followers through a series of captivating tasks known as ‘Missions’.

Each of the three missions brought participants nearer to a range of enticing rewards, motivating them to embrace the competition, providing the audience with a platform to create and share their content making them part of an exciting community.

Giveaways were also part of the campaign!

Participants had to finish the missions and share their accomplishments on social media, mentioning Mastercard and using the campaign hashtag, creating a buzz online.

The campaign rewarded 45 fortunate gaming enthusiasts with Gamers8 day passes and 10 prized concert tickets, granting them access to the largest gaming and esports festival in the world.

The Results:

Absolutely game-changing! Over the course of the four-week campaign:

  • The 4 talents streamed 10 times.
  • Generating a whopping 34 hours of content
  • The 34 hours of content was watched for a collective 32,000
  • That’s equivalent to 3.65 years! reaching over 8M viewers.
  • During that time, the brand was seen for over 87 minutes per viewer.

The campaign was measured by Stream Hatchet analytics services.

“We focused on the right talent and engaging content to stand out at the Gamers8 festival. The campaign’s performance, especially the high level of engagement and user-generated content during live streams, speaks volumes. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations with Mastercard,” said, Nabil Moutran, Founder & CEO of DIVISION.

If you want to ensure that your brand remains memorable to your audience, consider following Mastercard’ example by using gaming as a passion point to engage with your audience.

With the proper plan and implementation, you’ll be well on your way to achieving high levels of audience engagement.

By collaborating with DIVISION, Mastercard effectively promoted their brand through exciting activations both online and on ground at the festival. tangible real-world interactions, which resulted in impressive engagement statistics.