WPP’s Landor & Fitch acquires amp sonic branding agency

Elevating brands in services and destination sectors through sonic branding

By Jalaja Ramanunni

WPP Group’s design consultancy Landor & Fitch has acquired the sonic branding company ‘amp’. The acquisition will bolster its AI-powered experiential branding offerings.

Sonic branding is not a new area for Landor & Fitch. “We have been working with sonic branding for a while. With the acquisition of amp, we are looking at scaling up our sonic competencies,” Mariagrazia De Angelis, General Manager, ME, tells Campaign Middle East.

Sonic branding benefits for services and destination sectors

Sonic branding has become an integral part of a comprehensive brand strategy. De Angelis explains that while sonic branding is not a very common ask in the Middle East, it works well for sectors such as service and destination companies, owing to multiple touch-points it offers for sonic branding.

“These sectors are looking to differentiate themselves and establish emotional connections with their audiences. Sonic branding can effectively achieve that differentiation on a deeper level,” De Angelis says.

For instance, Mastercard has incorporated sonic elements into its brand platform. “Sound is an integral part of Mastercard’s core concept, which drives their branding and marketing efforts. The brand has multiple opportunities to incorporate sonic elements into their interactions.” De Angelis explains. She adds that destinations focus on the emotional aspect of associating a destination with a specific emotion and linking mood to sound.

WPP Group intends to use amp’s advanced use of AI in sonic branding for market analysis, specifically in evaluating the effectiveness of sonic brands. While humans craft the initial sonic identity, AI generates various iterations of those sounds.

Mark Read, CEO of WPP, explained that acquiring amp would help their clients create immersive experiences that engage consumers on a deeper level. He said, “With the rise of streaming, podcasting, and short-form media, audio has become a critical component of the marketing mix. The acquisition of amp enhances our offer to clients, helping them create immersive experiences that engage consumers on a deeper level and drive their competitive advantage.”