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How Project Agora Ensures Brand Safety for Native Advertising in the GCC

Project Agora is a leading media technology company in CEEMEA & LATAM, with a very strong presence in the Middle East & Africa. Project Agora helps local publishers and advertisers leverage the power of native advertising with an always-on brand safety mindset.

Brand safety matters

There are several reasons why a brand should add native ads to their mix: performance boost across the whole funnel, market leading tech, huge local and global scale equivalent to that of Google and Social Media. But it is also of great importance that while advertisers run their native campaigns with Project Agora, they are provided with top level brand safety.

According to a Forrester-Oracle study, 60% of consumers say a brand’s reputation or values are the “most important” factor when making a purchase. If native ads are placed in an environment that is at odds with a brand’s stated values, it can have harming effects on long-term viability.

Brand safety is a growing priority for advertisers and publishers alike. Advertisers need to trust that their native ads will be served exclusively in premium publications that help elevate their brand – and protect the public image they want to maintain.

Project Agora gives advertisers access to hand-picked local publisher inventory, serving more than 3.2 billion premium ad impressions per month in the MEA region. At the same time, they make sure that advertisers are ensured brand safety and support in a number of additional ways.

Three ways Project Agora ensures brand safety and supports advertisers while they are using native ads

1.    Human ads auditing

One reason native advertising platforms often fail to protect brands is they are automated. Ads are fed into the system without real auditing, using AI translation software to speed the process up.

The result is that often “borderline” ads slip through the cracks, meaning publishers can’t maintain their site’s integrity – and brands end up serving ads within questionable environments.

Project Agora makes sure that besides the technology blockers, there’s human auditing too. A local inhouse team of native speakers audit 100% of the native ads that run in the GCC.

This ensures that every ad that gets served meets the high standards of both advertisers and publishers – creating a premium level of brand safety.

2.    Guaranteed brand-safe content environment

Advertisers are highly concerned about the content their native ads are served alongside. And with good reason. The whole point of native ads is to create the impression of being part of the organic content, so it’s important the content aligns with the brand’s image.

Project Agora leverages innovative pre-bid targeting technology powered by DoubleVerify and IAS to provide advertisers with a truly brand-safe environment that fits their goals and values.

Additionally, brands can customize their requests and block specific keywords on website titles and URLs and also use post-bid monitoring tags from any major 3rd party verification provider, so that they can add an extra layer of control and safety.

3.    Market leading support

To offer a smooth customer experience for native advertising, Project Agora also supports advertisers in multiple ways:

  • A local native speaking account management team – as well as an international support service.
  • One to one customer support calls, where clients can actually talk to a human being about issues they might be facing and optimization actions.
  • White glove campaign services where their inhouse campaign operations team runs the campaigns and delivers the results the advertiser is aiming for.
  • Weekly platform trainings with the international support team.
  • Open office hours on a weekly basis, where advertisers can reach out to the Support team and ask any question.

This way Project Agora ensures that advertisers are both safe and supported while running their native ads, allowing them to focus on how to grow their brand.