Judy Bakieh – Account Person of the Year: Adapting to changes

At Campaign Middle East’s first Agency of the Year awards, Judy Bakieh, junior influencer marketing manager, Gambit PR and Communication, was awarded Account Person of the Year.

Tell us about your journey to the award.

It was non-linear and it was bumpy with obstacles along the way but it was exciting and challenging nevertheless. To be honest, it was a bit overwhelming and it is a proud moment. This award is the journey, not the destination. Being recognised by the best in the industry is phenomenal and really help us and give us confidence while moving forward.

Why should other agencies enter these awards? 

It is motivating to see what everyone else is doing and which campaigns are winning. Even communicating and networking with people here is a great opportunity for all of us to come together and celebrate our success.

How are your customers’ demands changing?

Customers are demanding more. Everyone wants to do more and get higher visibility in lesser time. We have to be ahead of the game and adapt to changes fast.

How are you changing to cater to your customers’ needs?

We are constantly looking out for trends, reading up and analysing to understand what we can expect in the next couple of months. Especially with COVID, everything changed and we had to evolve real fast. It has shown us the importance of having a strategy to combat any bumps.

What does 2023 look like?

We’re a homegrown agency. We want to be bigger and open offices everywhere and hopefully go global.

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