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Jordan Tourism Board joins the AI-generated images trend

The new campaign invites people to experience Jordan and its surreal landscapes with the use of the AI generated images trend, that creates images from text, to describe the unique features in the Kingdom.

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A series of short videos for the Jordan Tourism Board have been released which use AI to showcase that universes you can imagine exist in Jordan. The videos depict some of Jordan’s landmarks including the Dead Sea, Petra, and Wadi Rum all imagined through the lens of AI, but turn out to be real places. The videos are part of the strategy by the Jordan Tourism Board to reposition this destination in the region. Adpro communications stepped in to find the sweet spot where people, culture and brand intersected to be appealing to the digitally fluent, intuitively curious, and future focused travelers.

In 2021, the Jordan Tourism Board ran an extensive brand revitalisation exercise aimed at shaking off the Kingdom’s ‘history lesson’ status. With the ‘Kingdom of Time’ brand, the country reintroduced itself through a new lens, where past, present and future meet. Following an integrated launch, the Jordan Tourism Board was looking for a disruptive and relevant way to maintain momentum, especially amongst independent, digitally empowered explorers seeking meaning and human connections, as well as covering the need to reposition the brand amongst heavy competition in the region.

The team at Adpro Communications decided to speak a language this type of audience is fluent in, one only they would understand to build the needed affinity and jumped on the AI’s craze of converting text to image based on descriptive prompts people were entering to describe surreal places out of a fiction movie. On the search window of the interface there is an ‘imagine’ invitation to describe a dream destination, that soon evolves into an invitation to ‘experience’ this place, as AI brings to life locations from Jordan without mentioning, the country, city, place, monument, or site, under the campaign #ExperienceJordAIn.