Industry snapshot: Abdalla Alsaid, Onsor Mosha

Abdalla Alsaid, CEO, Onsor Mosha.

What is the biggest change you have seen to the way you do business in Saudi?

The biggest change is the fact that today, branding and communications have become a critical component of business planning and strategies being spearheaded by government bodies and initiatives.

The strong infrastructures in internet speed and penetration, and ease of travel allow for more flexible operations across several cities.

How are societal changes affecting the industry?

You need to be always on top of things that are shifting constantly and very fast. With the youth’s sense of responsibility in contributing to national aspirations, there has been a slew of fresh ideas and innovations that lend opportunities for the industry to create more impactful and sustainable work.

What are clients asking for that’s new?

There are more real attempts at strategic thinking and insights to build more meaningful connections with their audiences.

What are the biggest challenges to growth in KSA and how are you tackling them?

Due to the many opportunities today, there is a myriad of creative shops springing up with “trendy” concepts. Our responsibility is to highlight the long term benefits of proper strategic thinking and creativity.

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