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 IMPACT BBDO – MENA creates campaign for Annahar #InnocentTruth

IMPACT BBDO – MENA creates a campaign for Annahar #InnocentTruth, remembering the August 4th blast from the children’s perspective.

Annahar #InnocentTruth

IMPACT BBDO – MENA has created a campaign to commemorate the Beirut Blast with the name Innocent Truth, bringing children to tell their stories from this day.

The August 4th Beirut explosion killed 220 people and injured and maimed over 7000 people. It destroyed entire neighbourhoods in seconds and left 50% of Beirut’s children showing signs of trauma, possibly for life.

One year later, the ruling authorities are still in power. Worst, they did nothing to prevent this catastrophe from happening nor did they make an effort to hold anyo

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